Book Light for Reading in Bed At Night with Sure Grip Clamp, Flexible Neck and Bonus Travel Bag – Best LED Clip On Lights for Kids, Study, or Hobby Craft- Fits Paperback & Hardcover Books

OX-U02Y-BNE7 | UPC 0738964999350

Book Light Small Clip On Lights for Reading in Bed

BLS-BLK | UPC 0738964999299

Book light for Kids – Mini LED Clip On Reader Lite

BLS-LEAVES-G | UPC 0738964999312

LED Reading Light for Bed with Non-Slip Padded Clamp, Adjustable Neck + Free Travel Bag. Perfect Clip On Task Light, Nightlight for Kids or Attach to iPad. Limited Edition Geo Print

BLS-GEO-RGG | UPC 0738964999305

Book Light -Best Clip On Lights for Reading in Bed. Limited Edition Water Lilly Print

BLS-WLILIES-GBW | UPC 0738964999336

The Little Book Light Co. LED Reading & Task Light with Sure Grip Clamp, and Flex Neck + Bonus Travel Bag. Best Clip On Booklight to Read in Bed at Night. Limited Edition Plumeria Flwrs

BLS-PLUMERIA-BW | UPC 0738964999329

Book Light -Mini Clip On Lights for Reading in Bed